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DeRoyal manufactures healthcare products worldwide. Each product in DeRoyal’s Surgical & Acute Care, Orthopedics & Patient Care, and Wound Care divisions exists in response to real needs, based on the advice and input of clinicians. We keep innovating because it's part of our heritage. What we develop and manufacture today will shape the future of medicine.

In order to service an ever-expanding customer base, DeRoyal has built one of the most vertically integrated companies in the medical business. Every business unit of DeRoyal shares the same dedication to customer service. We firmly believe that service levels must always exceed expectations so that you, our customers, can concentrate on the very important business of caring for patients.

Our 200+ international sales team is a large part of this service commitment, as well as our extensive marketing and customer service teams based at corporate. With more sizes, more materials, more custom configurations and more choices in every product line, DeRoyal continuously strives to give health care providers what they want when they want it.

More than ever, health care professionals need clinical and reimbursement information. And DeRoyal is providing it, with value added services like our Quality Reimbursement Program, our Custom Procedure Tray (CPT) Optimizer tool, and the DeRoyal Order Connection.

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Mostrando 1 - 4 di 4 articoli